G-Arm® B-6 Duo

Enhance Efficiency and Safety in the O.R.

The G-Arm® B-6 Duo is the first system of it’s kind that allows you to take AP and Lateral images simultaneously.

Dual Plane Imaging allows AP and Lateral images in a single piece of equipment without the need to rotate, saving valuable O.R. time and potentially reducing contamination risk.

The G-Arm® B-6 Duo offers superb image quality and may even outperform traditional C-Arm.

The portable design is easy for staff to maneuver from one O.R. to another. Side loads onto any traditional spine table and eliminates the need to maneuver 2 C-Arms at the same time.

Simultaneous bi-plane imaging versus conventional monoplane imaging 

The G-Arm® may increase procedure accuracy, reduce operative time and cumulative radiation dose.   

With the need for constant rotation of a traditional C-Arm eliminated, the G-Arm® may also reduce the possibility of nosocomial infection.

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